The popular discreet dating is great for the person looking for a discreet partner, but there are some things you need to know prior to using their site.

First off is when you join. There are 3 main price points, $49, $149, and $249. Unfortunately, while $49 looks great as an entry point, it really is a waste of money. Since AshleyMadison goes off of a credit system, $49 doesn’t give you enough credits to actually meet that discreet partner. You will then be forced to purchase more credits. When you do this, the price jumps from $49 to $79 as your minimum price.

Word to the wise: Pay the $149 or $249 package if you really are looking for a discreet relationship. The $249 package is ideal as it’s the only package they offer that comes with a money back guarantee.

Secondly, is Ashley Madison Mobile. When you join any Ashley Madison membership package, they automatically charge you $20 to use their mobile platform. Now, this platform is kinda neat as it allows you to meet members on the go. The problem is, it’s not for everyone.

Word to the wise: Pay for a package and UNCHECK the mobile option initially. If you find that AshleyMadison is working great for you, then by all means, get the mobile platform.

I know this makes you want to scream Ashley Madison scam, but truth be told, all dating sites use some form of  deceptive marketing techniques. Ultimately, they are trying to get you to join for free then get you to pony up. What makes Ashley Madison different is simply this: If you are looking for a discreet partner, this site can make it happen for you! To minimize the cost you have to pay in using the site, this article will dramatically save you in the long run. So go ahead and have that guaranteed affair today!