So here I am in Las Vegas, spending time at the Rio pool and I come to a realization. There are so many older women that keep themselves in amazing shape. Now, I don’t mean cougars (totally not a fan of the term as it puts women into a negative light), but they have an aura about them that I just can’t put my finger on. Maybe it’s the fact that many of these women have true life experiences. Married, divorced, kids… and through all this they keep themselves in great shape with their head held high.  They know they look great, and they don’t settle for any man, even if they are already married.

The main issue for these women is the need for discretion. While there are cougar sites out there, they simply do not address the need for these well rounded independent attractive older women. If you do a search on, you’ll start seeing there is a growing percentage of women over 35 years old. The funny thing about these women is they are quite attractive, and stress the importance of discretion.

This trend speaks volumes to the needs out there in society. Instead of an Ashley Madison scam, you get a bird’s eye peek into the true desires of these older attractive women.  To make things more interesting for men to join, Ashley promotes their affair guarantee. They offer one package for $249 that guarantees you an affair within 3 months or your money back. Finally something where you don’t have anything to lose and all to gain!