We all know the popularity of Craigslist, but did you know a majority of their revenue comes from their adult section? Translation, craigslist enables pimps and people to sell their bodies for sex. This is nothing new, but what is new is the negative media attention that craigslist is getting, FINALLY! CNN ran an interesting story about craigslist.

A CNN reporter (Amber Lynn) asked Craig Newmark Founder of Craigslist “What you are you doing to protect these women from human trafficking?” His response was an awkward 10 second silence. 10 seconds of silence, that’s the best you can do Craig? Here you are profiting off of human trafficking and you have no comment! Here is the link to the CNN video .

Don’t get me wrong, Craigslist is a medium like every other classified site.  What’s troublesome here is the effects this has on underage women AND women forced into prostitution.  Since a high percentage of individuals that use escorts are married men, you should stay away from Craigslist.  Between the severely high risk of getting STDs (and bringing this into your home) and having a sexual encounter with a woman against her will, there are other ways of getting the encounter.

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