Ever since the proposed Giants Stadium naming rights in June,  we haven’t heard much from AshleyMadison.com in the press. Maybe it’s all that time married couples have to spend with each other in the summer, especially if they have kids.  Or maybe it’s just been a little more hush-hush for those cheating members. Ultimately, once the summer ends and school is back in session, so is the activity at ashley madison.

One of the main misconceptions of this affairs dating site is that it’s only for married people looking to cheat with other married people. Did you know there is a hotbed of underground subcultures that occur with this discreet dating service? Before you think ashley madison scam, take a look at the top 4 subcultures:

#4 Asian Women

For all men that have used massage parlors in the past (and present), we all have that love for a  good asian massage parlor. The women are petite, almost no body fat, and are extremely obedient.  With the generational shift of asian women throughout the world, there is an increase in educated well versed HOT asian women working in the corporate world. Most of these asian women with money and power are married. With this money and power comes a sense of independence, which never existed before for asian females. Instead of turning to co-workers (asian women are way too smart for this), they turn to discreet relationships outside of their existing marriage / relationship. Hard to see an ashley madison scam here with the increase of female asian signups. Learn more about Ashley Madison’s Asian discreet dating here >>

#3 Bondage / S&M

Bondage and S&M is extremely tight lipped community.  Unless you are on the inside, it’s very hard to determine who is into this. The fascinating stuff about this community is how much respect is given to both sides. While these genre of sexuality has existed for ages, you are seeing a new shift within society. Married men and women are looking outside their marriage to explore bondage in a discreet manner.  Now this blurs the line of your typical affair as it’s to purse an area of sexuality that does not exist in their present relationship / marriage. While bondage sites directly help like minded individuals, the issue with those sites is the inability to cater to the discreet married man or woman looking for a partner in that area. Given this combination, you can see why this is a perfect fit for many on ashley. Learn more about Ashley Madison’s bondage discreet dating here >>

#2 Older Women Younger Men

We all heard of the word cougar, but that was so 2000. Nowadays, older women are more independent and healthier than ever (well at the least the ones that have a liking to the desperate housewives / bachelor reality TV shows). While most of these women are married (many more than once), they are missing that key component in their lives: sexual chemistry. Yes they probably had it at one time with their partner, but with age and stress (boredom too) comes a severe decrease in bedroom activities. These women, while still in their sexual prime, are looking towards younger men to shoulder the burden (oh and what a fine burden it is!).  The problem with cougar sites is just that, they are not cougars and are repulsed by the word. Instead, they look to discreet dating sites like AshleyMadison to find that younger discreet partner. If there’s an ashley madison scam here, it’s that these women sometimes do not like giving out there real ages. Isn’t age just a number at this point?!  You through in ashley madison’s affair guarantee program, you have nothing to lose here!

#1 Sugar Babes Looking for Sugar Daddies – Kinda

Sugar daddies are basically wealthy men that are looking for young women to take care of. In return they receive companionship and some sort of intimacy.  To many, they feel this sort of relationship is similar to an escort. The main difference here is the honesty involved. The man and the woman in this relationship are looking for very specific things, once those are established and reached, an interesting relationship blossoms.

Now, the difference here is that the sugar babe and or the sugar dad is already married and/or in a relationship. This brings discreet dating to a whole other level. Why go to straight out sugardaddies site (which let’s face it, these guys go to high end escorts before dealing with a whiny 20 year old), when you can get the discreet relationship knowing someone has so much to lose.

Given the economic climate throughout the world, you are seeing women looking to be taken care of in a different. Not with diamonds and jewelry, but with rent and lease payments. The sugar daddies don’t have the be as rich, and babes, well they get to still GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry… Jersey Shore Shoutout – ha!). Once they introduced the affair guarantee program , it’s hard to look at any niche as an ashley madison scam