Since Ashley Madison runs off of a credit system, you need to know which membership plan is for you. By using the credits system, this always goes in favor of the website verses the users. After all, when it comes to online dating, it’s a numbers game. The more women you email, the greater chance you have on getting the encounter you’re looking for. While many feel this is an Ashley Madison scam, you need to look deeper into the membership plans.

  • The basic plan is just $49, but is a complete waste of money. This only allows you to email 20 women, that’s it. Then when you go to purchase more credits, the $49 plan goes away, and the base is now $79. So you just spend $130 and have nothing to show for it
  • Now the $149 plan gives you more to play with. It gives you more than triple the credits than the $130 scenario above, and lets you play the numbers game. Ideally, you live in a city or near one for this plan.
  • The final $249 plan, is the mother of all plans. Ashley Madison will guarantee you an affair or your money back. Now, if you live in a city, you don’t need this plan. But if you don’t, you should seriously consider it.

If you’re not¬† fan of the credit system, two of Ashley’s sister sites offer flat out memberships. is $40 a month, and caters to young men looking to date older women.¬† is $50/month, and allows you to meet younger women looking for financial arrangements.