Memorial Day weekend is filled with BBQs and visits to the beach for family and friends. After the weekend ends and people go back to work on Tuesday, you have this sudden feeling of “Thank God that weekend is over”. Don’t get me wrong, most husbands and wives love their partners, but a long weekend like that brings up a lot of fighting and bickering (if you have kids, it can be 3x worse). If you notice, the men who are married or in relationships that are rocky, are the first ones to be in the office.

Now, June presents an interesting month affair wise. Most kids aren’t out of school for the next 3 weeks. So many men use this time (consciously or subconsciously) to flirt and fill the void that is missing. While many flirt and never go past that, many actually take things to the next level. That’s the area of the market that Ashley Madison thrives in. While many think this affair site is one big ashley madison scam, you have to remember affairs are extremely psychological (not just physical). With that in mind, be prepared for one hell of a June !