When it comes to married men and extramarital sex, these men have three main fears:

  • Getting your mistress pregnant
  • Catching an STD
  • Having Your Partner Find Out

Now, depending upon your relationship, what you consider the #1 fear is subjective. However, you’re a wealthy man in this predicament, each reason is magnified.

Snip Snip for Money?

Snip Snip for Money?

Let’s take the Hollywood scene for a moment. Rich guys are looking to bang as many women as possible. Many of these guys, don’t even use protection. Mind boggling right?

But did you know, there’s a growing trend in this world for the men to have a procedure done so they only shoot blanks. While this does nothing for the STD factor, it eliminates the chance of getting her pregnant. Why not a condom right? Well, that’s the second part. Most of these wealthy guys HATE wearing rubbers. Before you shake your head, consider this. Many Hollywood girls would do ANYTHING to be carrying a rich man’s baby. It’s gotten so bad that the STD risk is thrown out the window.

What does all this have to do with Ashley Madison? Well, there’s a lesson learned here. If you can find two married people, who are not married to each other, would make the ideal discreet encounter. Neither of you want the top 3 fears, and find a connection that is beyond sex. On the flip side, if you prefer to have an arrangement with a younger woman, you’d go the MBA route (mutually beneficial arrangement route) with ArrangementFinders.com