We all know whether you use cheating sites like Ashley Madison or regular old dating sites, the whole goal of these companies is having you sign up for free. Then you’ll get a few emails enticing you to pay to be a member. Now, this is true across the board with all matchmaking sites. When it comes to Ashley, the lowest level plan they have is $49. While this seems enticing to many, it actually is an Ashley Madison scam.

Ashley Madison $49 Membership Plan is a Scam

Since this site works off of a credit based system, you only get to communicate with 20 women for $49. That’s it, 20. You send out emails to 20 women, and most of which won’t even respond to you. So you’re left with blowing through your credits in no time. Now your deciding whether or not to get more credits, after all, there are some pretty good looking women on the site.

You decide to give it one more shot. You go to pay, only to find out the $49 option is no longer available and you’ll have to pay $79! So right there you just spent $130.

If you are serious about wanting to find a discreet or cheating partner, then you should avoid the $49 plan all together. If you are still interested in this plan, chances are you aren’t serious enough to be looking for a discreet partner. There are two additional membership levels, $149 and $249. Both of them will do the job in terms of getting you communicating back and forth with members (after all, just like regular old dating, it becomes a numbers game). The $249 plan however, comes with an ashley money back guarantee. Yea, they guarantee you an affair in 3 months or your money back. Go figure!

Now, if you’re not looking for discretion but in a seeking arrangement type of mindset, that Ashley has another site for you. This deals with any sort of unique relationship you can think of. Basically, there are tons of young girls out there that just can’t financially make ends meet. These girls look for a modern day version of a sugar daddy, someone in their 20s-40s that can show them a good time and help them financially. In return, you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. Check it out with ArrangementFinders.com