As mentioned in the post below, the $49 Ashley Madison plan is a complete joke. Which leaves us to their two other plans, $149 and $249. With either plan, you’ll have success finding that discreet partner. The part Ashley Madison doesn’t tell you is this: “Should I get the $149 or the $249 plan”

Advice on Determining Which Ashley Madison Plan is right for you.

The main difference is for $249 you get a money back guarantee, and with the $149 you don’t. Here’s the best advice that Ashley Madison will never tell you. If you live near a major city, then you don’t need the $249 plan. Save the extra hundred, put it towards the hotel room, and use the $149 plan. There will be plenty of women in your radius to fill your needs. In contrast, if you live 50+ miles away from a major city, the pool of women to choose from are much smaller. As a result, the best thing you can do is to protect your “investment” with the extra hundred. Think of it as insurance if you’d don’t a discreet partner in your area from Ashley Madison.