The free online personals space has really taken a hit lately. A few months back, the adult section of craigslist was removed due to excess government and public pressure. Don’t be fooled, this is definitely something that Craigslist did NOT want to do. A significantly high portion of their revenues came from the adult services section. One of its major downfalls came with open prostitution, much of which contained underage and human trafficking. It really was a matter of time before CL had to shut this section down.

Like anything that deals with escorts, these girls (and johns) will find a new place online to setup shop. The moment Craigslist shut down their services, there was a huge spike in traffic to At first what seemed like a simple personals site, turned into a free for all of escort activity. As a result, today (October 18) suspended the personals section of their site. Again, a very large percentage of their revenues come from these adult services.

If free personals and dating sites do not police their profiles closely, they will all face a similar fate. As a result, as a user (or a poster) of the sites, it crucial to value the element of discretion. Whether you use cheating sites like Ashley Madison or not, being part of a discreet dating site needs to be on top of your list of concerns.