Ashleymadison is an agency that caters to the discreet dating world, primarily discreet affairs. We all know the world of escorts, affairs, and discreet dating has always been around. It has always been an underground market that is now starting to see day light. This brings us to an interesting crossroads, hence the popularity of Ashley Madison.

Is Ashley Madison a Scam?

The whole concept behind Ashley Madison is rather simple, its a dating site catered to people looking for discreet relationships (everything from affairs, married and looking, sugar daddies, and a slew of enticing underground market matchups). Thats right folks, this isnt the Match.coms of the world, Ashley Madison is catering to a niche that has always existed in society. Now, gathering these like minded men and women on one side can lead to some rather interesting relationships.

In the summer of 2008, Ashley Madison had a little over 2 million members.  Fast forward less than 2 years later, they are at 6 million members. Now, thats EXPLOSIVE growth. Thing is, they havent even scratched the surface of whats out there. Then to make matters even more interesting, Ashley Madison had their highest number of female signups the day after mothers day. Mother’s Day – are you kidding me?

To go off topic a minute, there’s a trend now with seniors that are dating.  Initially you’re thinking, oh thats cute. They deserve to date if they are widowed, singled, divorced, etc.  In actuality, theres a mini epidemic occuring with this age group. STDS. Think about about, the generation of seniors when they were dating, the only thing they had to worry about was pregnancy. Since that is a non issue, the amount of unprotected sex that occurs is high. Throw in multiple partners, the increase in STDs occurs.

Ok, back on topic.  Does Ashley Madison suck? Is Ashley Madison a scam? or a gold mine. Basically it comes out to the perspective you take.

Lets look at some stats shall we.
Divorce Rates – Up year over year
Marriages – First time where its less than 50%
Celebrity Cheating – All time high and climbing!

It seems now every week, there’s a celebrity caught cheating on their wives. Now, within their inner circle, this has always been true. What makes the present and the future different is the immediate access to this information. Sandra Bullock didn’t know until she received a phone call from a tabloid. Twitter, Facebook, instant access to information allows the public in many times to know before the person being cheated on knows.

Fast forward to the Ashley Madison phenomenom.  There are 3 packages, $49, $149, and $249.  For $249, Ashley Madison will guarantee you an affair. Basically you need to follow a certain criteria. And if you are not able to have an affair, you get your money back. Really is the best deal. For me, I wanted to test out the $49 plan before hitting it up for $249. So I chatted with 8 women in a course of two weeks. Starting having a lot in common with this one woman. We started chatting over the phone at one point, we then met up for coffee at Starbucks. Our “cover story” was we were both co-workers. You know, it was a rather pleasant experience. We were both in similar situations in our relationships, and it was nice to have that open conversation with someone that is not there to judge you. Over a couple weeks we started chatting more, hanging out, one thing led to another… and lets just say “thank you ashley madison”

Now, not everyone will have as positive of an experience as I did. Let’s face it, not everyone finds someone on every dating site they go to. But I for one , from personal experience, can tell you that ashleymadison is definitely NOT a scam, Ashley Madison does not suck, and yes its a freakin goldmine!

Another hit from Ashley Madison making its way in the underground world deals with an arrangement mindset. In short, there are tons of young girls (18-25 years old) having a hard time making ends meet. These are educated attractive girls looking for a man that will help her out. In return, you get a relationship you could only wish for. Find these types of girls at