Chubby Chasers on Ashley Madison

Now I know this article only speaks to a smaller percentage of the population; however, there seems to be a growing number of married men looking to have discreet relationships with bigger women (BBW).  The odd part is this trend keeps climbing, but why? Welcome to the underground world of chubby chasers.

Your stereotype of an affair for a man is simple: he’s bored with his partner and is looking for a new sexual partner. For a woman, normally she is not satisfied emotionally and physically with her man, and is looking for that deeper affair elsewhere. Most men will f*** anything that moves, but it seems the shift towards bigger women is an intriguing one.

For every guy, there was that girl he wished he NEVER hooked up with. Could have been the ugly girl, the old girl, the dirty girl, or the chubby one. Now these bigger women are targeting married men to have affairs with. Basically, these married men are wanting change but more importantly, most do not want to leave their wives. Now, if these men had affairs with that a hot model, there’s a real good chance that marriage would end in seconds. Now, if you have an encounter with a BBW, he mentally will not leave his wife for a BBW.

Now, I know this comes across as negative to BBW, but you actually have these chubby chasers on Ashley wanting these bigger women.  We all like women with some meat on their bones, but how much meat do you want! Check out the chubby chasers component of Ashley