Fantasy football is the only game in life where a a 7 year old kid can trash talk with a 70 year old guy. Whether you’re a beginner or someone that knows the linemen of every team, fantasy football continues to grow. With the growth, comes an interesting twist on relationships. Men generally use fantasy football to have a reason to be “left alone” on Sundays.

Daily Fantasy Sports Games at FanDuel.comMany wives let their men do “Whatever” on Sunday since they are so heavily into fantasy football. They go to friend’s homes, bars, whatever. What many women do not realize is that a growing percentage of men leave their wives at home and meet up with their girlfriends on Sundays. All being masked as a “day with the guys for fantasy football”.

We all know that Sunday is the hectic day for any fantasy football site, Monday is the most hectic for the cheating site Ashley Madison. Why? Cause men finally go back to work and get away from their wives / families from the long boring weekend.  Now when Friday roles along, the hardcore fantasy football guy will log into their Fan Duel accounts to place bets on their fantasy football team. Interesting fact, did you know its LEGAL to bet on Fantasy football games as its considered a game of skill and not gambling? If you’re interested in this type of thing, get $20 just for signing up for fantasy football gambling.

Come Sunday (no pun intended), a married fantasy football guy is the happiest day for him. Football, no wife, beer, and his affair. It takes a man that has gone through this to understand this true inner smile here!