Seems like s simple question right? I know tons of married guys that love looking through the escort section of craigslist or through any free personals site out there. Thing is, some of these guys will never actually meet these women So I ask, why put yourself through that? I mean, why email and converse with these women if you aren’t pulling the trigger. Their answer is quite simple, they like the idea of HAVING THE ABILITY to have an affair with another women if they WANTED to, but won’t actually do it. WHAT?

You see, I think that’s more demented than having an actual affair. The other side of the spectrum are the guys that ARE looking for a REAL affair. While some revert to the escort route (which I highly DO NOT recommend from the disease factor alone), there are some that look for that discreet encounter. That’s where Ashley Madison comes in. This discreet dating site has nearly 7 million members all looking for a discreet encounter / affair.

What I was surprised to learn is some of those same guys (from the first paragraph) actually PAY to join sites like Ashley. They chat with these women, but never actually meet them. Why do that to yourself? I mean, I totally understand the mental tug of war you’re going through. You want to be faithful to your partner, while the other side wants to feel that “newness” of a different woman. After all, it’s human nature to want change, but is this sort of change good for you?

Only you can answer this question, but if you’re the type that is looking at escorts and women constantly and never meeting them, then you need to do something. Either confront your wife of what’s truly bothering you (which for most men it’s the natural desire of wanting a new sexual encounter) or actually go out there and have that affair and move on with it. If you are going to do, give your partner enough respect to not do it with an escort. Why bring diseases home ya know? Go the guaranteed affair route with Ashley >>