Having an affair is not easy as most people may think.  An affair is not just the torrid romp in the hay as many late-night movies may portray them to be.  It does take some thought and tact to pull the perfect liaison.  The object here is to keep the affair a secret while still keeping things together at home with the loving spouse.  The only difference here is that you have to consider the needs of three people; you, your wife and your mistress. Most matchmaking website look at married folks as negative, and don’t want them on their site as all. Cheating sites like Ashley Madison embrace this concept, and promotes the importance of discretion.

How to Have a Successful Affair

Be honest with the mistress.  Let her know that you are married so that she can go into the situation with open eyes.  She may have some expectations of the relationship but surely she won’t expect you to leave your wife and marry her if you make your intentions clear from the very beginning.

Account for your time.  You don’t want the affair to be a source of problems and stress.  The affair should be exciting and carefree – totally different from the rest of your hectic life.  So remain discreet and make sure that the wife is not suspecting that you are not in the places that you claim to be.

Use cash, but not too much of it.  Again, discretion is the key here.  Do not use credit cards to wine and dine your mistress or to buy her flowers and lingerie.  These are things that the wife can find.  Don’t bank simply on the fact that she never opens the bills.  Also do not do these things for the other woman at the expense of your family.  You need to be able to maintain some semblance of normalcy to cover the affair.

Having an affair requires planning and communication.  Make sure that your mistress knows where and when she can call.  The last thing that you want to do is to have your wife find out. You’ll then have no need to ashley madison, and going right back to your generic dating sites (how boring!).