As a lady in my late twenties and married, I scoffed at cheaters and couldn’t imagine a time when my life would turn into the life of a cheater, but it did and it still is.  Initially when I saw sites like Ashleymadison, my thoughts were this can’t be, this must be an Ashley Madison scam. You would say I’m not the “cheating type,” but really, who is?  On Ashley Madison, I was refreshed to see I am not alone in thinking this way.  The men I have found have been in similar situations as me and believe it or not, most have secure jobs and are looking for the same thing I am: no strings attached.

Infidelity Express

As an extremely cautious person, the fear gripped me as to where I would meet these men.  After much research and investigation, pondering around local spots, here are some top places for cheaters to meet.  These are ones I HIGHLY recommend:

Think Java

It all begins with a hot cup of Joe and then you slip into one of your cars and the rest is history.  But please, don’t make it your local coffee joint where the baristas know your name and how you take your coffee!

Pump That Iron

I know it seems ludicrous to carry on a cheating relationship in a gym, but who spots who all nice and sweaty, I shall leave that up to the imagination. Try it, it works!

Picnic Anyone?

Parks not only offer many secluded areas and privacy, but also welcome the fresh feel of nature.  But ladies, not to be attempted in the colder months.

Straight Up/No Olive

For those that need a bit of a relaxer as you delve into these “uncharted waters,” bars create that welcoming atmosphere where a slip of the hand or a kiss can be deemed as acceptable behaviors when alcohol is involved.

Read Between The Lines

Between the pages of Plato, Shakespeare, and Jane Austen, book stores are loaded with secluded areas.  Especially those that are multi-floored and offer aisles upon aisles of books that have not been looked at by a consumer in months.  Use these aisles to your advantage. For the do not’s refer to barista rule and don’t go local!

Until we meet again, use these tips and remember like a puppet, your strings have been snipped.  Use that to be free and the powerful, endearing woman that you are. When you become a member of Ashley Madison, you are not only going to find that man that fits your needs, but your strings will be unattached and that = plain, sexual fun! Be part of Ashley’s Affair Guarantee Program Here >>

written by Salacious Sally